UNAIDS and the UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections held a consultation on Identifying Populations at Greatest Risk of Infection – Geographic Hotspots and Key Populations, in Geneva, Switzerland on 25-26 July 2013.

The purpose of this meeting was to bring together partners and technical experts in epidemiology, statistics, modelling and mapping to review and discuss how more novel representation of prevalence, incidence and risk at different geographical levels can better communicate and inform HIV programming needs in line with local epidemics. This meeting discussed and advised on improvements for representing key populations at greater risk of HIV infection within these representations of geographical epidemiology.

Meeting objectives:

  1. Discuss and advise whether and how a more granular representation of prevalence, incidence and risk at different administrative levels could better convey the need for programming inline with the nature of the local epidemic.
  2. Discuss and advise how improvements can be made in the analysis and presentation of the manifold higher risk of infection of key populations compared to the rest of the population in different parts of the world, in view of triggering action, and in view of changing epidemic trends.
  3. Discuss and assess the potential impact of applying geographical data analysis to improve programme efficiency.

Final Report 2013.07.26