Method Development for the UNAIDS Estimates: June 2015

2 June 2015 to 4 June 2015

Boston, USA

This meeting had two key aims - to provide technical recommendations in support of the annual estimation process supported by UNAIDS and to review the ongoing longer term method development. The four key areas of method development include:

  1. Age-structured models
  2. Use of case-report and mortality data to generate estimates
  3. Use of programme service data to inform estimates
  4. Spatially-specific estimates

At this meeting, the group reviewed current issues in EPP & AIM in Spectrum in order to generate technical recommendations for the ongoing development and improvement of EPP & AIM and then reviewed the work underway as part of the four key areas of method development.

Day 1
Tuesday 2 June 2015
Day 2
Wednesday 3 June 2015
Day 3
Thursday 4 June 2015
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