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Work together to develop the methods used to generate global HIV and AIDS statistics


Who we are

An international group of epidemiologists, demographers, statisticians and public health experts that work together with UNAIDS and a Secretariat at Imperial College London and the University of Cape Town

Latest information

  • Meeting

    Tools for subnational HIV strategic information in sub-Saharan Africa: May 2019

    Glastonbury, USA UNAIDS and the UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections held a meeting to advance progress on next generation tools for subnational HIV estimation, which took place in Glastonbury, CT, USA on 8-10th May 2019. The meeting sessions were: Reviewing subnational...
  • Meeting

    Modelling Paediatric HIV and the need for ART: September 2018

    Bern, Switzerland WHO, UNAIDS  and the UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections held a consultation to review and discuss estimates of child infections and need for ART, which took place in Bern on 20th September 2018. The overall meeting aim was to: Improve the ability for...
  • Meeting

    Technical updates and method development for the UNAIDS Estimates: Sept 2018

    Bern, Switzerland The purpose of this meeting was to provide technical recommendations for updates to Spectrum and accompanying estimation tools. Specific objectives included reviewing new methods for estimating the first ‘90’ of the UNAIDS ’90-90-90’ goals, planned implementation of the HIVE model...
  • Meeting

    Improving and validating estimates of AIDS deaths

    Bern, Switzerland The UNAIDS Reference Group held its thematic meeting on "Improving and validating estimates of AIDS deaths" at the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, in Bern Switzerland, 17-18 September 2018 and was divided into the following sessions:  Reconciling...
  • Meeting

    Model Testing Workshop

    Mombasa, Kenya The Reference Group convened a workshop with national teams from Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe to discuss and review existing prevalence and incidence models, and recent updates to Spectrum. The meeting also offered an opportunity for national teams to raise any country-...